Hi Everyone!

Another Thursday post and more money down the drain – literally, since I bought two packages of the Bunch O’ Balloons water balloons that were on sale (560 balloons should be enough right?).  I also picked up some scissors from the back to school section – since I have no idea where my daughter has misplaced her last pair.  She loves cutting paper, string, cardboard or whatever into microscopic pieces that seem to get everywhere.  Lets just hope she doesn’t cut any more of her own hair off!

If you are looking to keep up your subscription to Apple Music, download movies, or Apple Apps, the Itunes 4X$25  Gift cards are on sale for $79.99.  This is a pretty good deal that does not come around often.  If you load your gift cards onto your account immediately, you can just throw the gift cards away and Itunes will automatically debit your gift cards until you have a $0.00 balance!

Chicken Drumsticks and Chicken Thighs are on sale in the meat department so grab a couple packages and freeze them for your next summer BBQ!  If you plan on rolling around in the grass this summer, make sure to pick up a half year supply of Claritin too 🙂

That’s it for me for now.  See you all next Monday!

Happy Shopping!

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