Costco Last Minute Back to School! Apple Ipads & Watches, Stationary & Kids Books

Hi Everyone!

I had to make a quick stop for a couple of back to school stationary items and thought that some other people pay find a post like this helpful as well.  I took pictures of all the stationary items that were in the store as well as the Apple products that were on sale and all the children’s activity books.

I couldn’t resist getting the Lite Brite for my daughter.  It seems like they are targeting my generation with retro toys like cabbage patch dolls and Lite Brites now!  Does this commercial from Saturday morning cartoons bring memories back to anyone?

Costco Hours and Costco Cash Card Contest Next Tuesday!

Costco is closed tomorrow for the Labour Day Holiday.  That mean’s my Monday post will be delayed by one day.  Since I have more than 110,000 followers on Facebook now, I’ll be holding another Costco Cash Card contest, so make sure to come back to check Tuesday’s Post!

Happy Shopping!  See you on Tuesday!

Click here for the Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Aug 26-Sep 01, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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