Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Willingdon, BC Costco Warehouse

Hi Everyone,

There were lots of items on sale this week!

Last Friday, I purchased the Le Creuset Shallow French Oven as well as the Winix 3 Stage Air Purifier.  I’ve been really happy with both purchases. Winix 3 Stage Air Purifier has included HEPA and Carbon Filters that should last 2 years.  You can also purchase replacements easily on Amazon. The Le Creuset Shallow French Oven looks and cooks as advertised.

I’ve just extended the FOUNDERS discount until the end of the week! The last day to sign up with the founders discount will be Sunday, September 6, 2020.  After this, I’ll be increasing the price permanently to reflect some of the new features that will be showing up on the blog!

Thanks to everyone to has signed up!  On top of the blog redesign, we’ve have some really exciting plans for members including product searches, product notifications – even notifications for past purchases if they go on sale!  The more people who sign up, the faster I can implement these new features.

Most of these new advanced features will only be available to Early Access Members, so if you want to grandfather your annual membership to the blog, make sure to sign up before August 31, 2020. Use the discount code: “FOUNDERS” to activate the discount.

Sign up for the Early Access Membership with the FOUNDERS Discount!

Happy Shopping!

I have re-opened the “FOUNDERS” discount for the Early Access to the blog.  The Early Access gives you access to the Monday posts on Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday Morning at a cost of $19.97 for one year (52 weeks).  You will also have the option of signing up for a new customizable mailing list so you can choose to the updates you want.  If you decide to purchase an Early Access Membership and use the discount code “FOUNDERS” before 2020-08-31, you will get $10 off your annual membership AND have that rate grandfathered forever!

Sign up for Early Access at the following link:

Once you have signed up, to get the early pictures, just use your username and password at the following login:  When you are signed in, you will be able to see the pictures as soon as they are published on Monday!

If you don’t sign up for Early Access, no problem!  The blog is still free and will be available to everyone on Tuesday Morning at 5:00AM Pacific time.

Go here for the latest Costco Coronavirus updates:

If you live in BC, you can see the Covid-19 Safety Plan (British Columbia):

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands with soap and water often!

What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

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Costco Flyer for Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Sale Items for Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

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Written by Costco West


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  1. You mentioned you purchased WINIX 3 STAGE AIR PURIFIER last week. Do you have a picture, price and item # ??


  2. Hi CocoWest, thank you, thank you, thank you for your service on this blog. It is very much appreciated and saves my family and I so much $. It is actually really fun to browse your post and something I quite enjoy doing several times a week 🙂

  3. Thank you sooo much for all the work you do!
    Just a note: it looks like the picture for the Kirkland Mayo is under a 4L Heinz tag, labelling it as $9.99 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for all the effort and time you put into this blog. I’ve been introduced by one of my coworkers to the wonderful work you do about 4 years ago and have been checking every week since then. Ignore (or ban if you could!) those people like Naseem – they don’t deserve your work.

  5. Just want to thank you so much for going out of your way to help me earlier on top of the amount of time you devote to this!!! I know the majority of us really appreciate all that you do voluntarily! So it’s a bit sad to see some people here making demands and giving time limits as to when they think you should have things posted as if they were paying for your service!!! Sadly rudeness and entitlement has become too common these days! Love what your doing for us all… again thank you!

  6. For my peeps in Calgary, Alberta, the Beacon Hill location has a crap load of the 1L One Step Hand Sanitizers, disposable masks and gloves that I have not seen since March!!! Right at the front wall when walking in

  7. That 4 pack of Tile Pro trackers for $99.99 is a great deal, but I couldn’t find it at my Costco or on their website. Any suggestions?

  8. Thumbs up to Lynn. Totally agree.
    Having said that, reading the comments is one of the dumb things I find amusing on cocowest. They’re funny. Can’t believe they get posted.

  9. I am from Alberta, and I very much appreciate this blog. To the person who wants to believe the nasty comments come from Albertans, are you kidding me? I really hope you’re being facetious, because your comment is incredibly ignorant otherwise. Every Albertan I know to whom I’ve recommended this blog is also very appreciative of the work you do in maintaining this blog.

  10. @Cocowest and others: Normally, I don’t write comments, I just read them. However, I had to write something as this has been going on far too long.

    I’m disgusted to see the ad hominem attacks on your blog. What’s even more appalling are those comments received moderator approval. It’s time for you to grow up.

    • Hi Lynn, Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately in this day and age, I have to moderate many more comments than you are aware of – including hundreds of SPAM comments, unsolicited offers and negative comments. I do use some scripts to help me moderate, but it still take a significant amount of time.

      In terms of the ad homonym attacks, to be honest, if someone is making an unreasonable request or attacking the blog, I’ll probably let one or two (but not more) of these comments through.

      It has taken me 10 years of doing this to build up the blog and I tend to take some of these negative comments personally.

  11. Wow, some cranky jerk makes a rude, demanding complaint every week! Maybe you should add a disclaimer for members – posts will appear when I post them & no snarky comments allowed? Thank you for what you do! We look forward every week to perusing your posts & planning our Costco trip. CMM.

  12. I really wonder about some of the comments and people here. What location did you go to and more are asked despite the information already disclosed.

    Not one week goes by where I read rude, condescending, and malicious comments posted here by those who who bash others for having a opinion different than their own.

    I really want to believe these people are from Alberta because in BC we were told by our government to be kind and safe.

  13. I decided to do a dry run on Costco Delivery, and every item was multiple dollars more than in the warehouse. Yeah yeah free delivery, but by the time I would be done with my cart I’d probably end up spending $25 – $40 more for the ‘convenience’. That’s a hell of a delivery fee.
    So thank you very much for your hard work as always is posting these deals. Still have to go into the warehouse, so it’s nice to have the deals in hand for my inevitiable and unavoidable visit haha.

  14. Thank you very much for all that you do. As Costco is very busy here on Mondays I would be unlikely to go before Tuesdays anyways. I think people should remember that this is a volunteer effort. I especially appreciate these posts during Covid as we primarily sale shop and buy enough to last a month or two. Thanks again.

  15. Naseem … you can try going to Costco at opening the following day to be assured of purchasing what you are looking for and having it be in stock.

  16. Hi…just wanted to thank you for doing this for us. I cannot believe that someone would actually comment negatively on your blog! That you would take the time to answer this person is a credit to you and your family. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  17. You are the BEST!!!… usual ignore the demanding ppl on here. I think sometimes ppl forget you actually have a life as in a family to care for on top of doing this service for ppl like me.

  18. Beef steak is on sale this week. It was sold out by early afternoon though.

    I think it’s prudent that your FOUNDERS members have genuine early access and your pics be posted no within a few hours of Costco opening or no later than the late morning. If anything that’s on sale that’s in high demand (like steak), it’s quickly bought.

    • Hi Nadeem, I’ve always stated that early access members will receive their updates by the afternoon. I’ve never made any representations that anyone would receive the posts any earlier – if anyone has been misled, please send me an email and I’d be more than happy to refund their membership.

      I do not work for Costco and the earliest I can enter the store is 9:00AM like anyone else. The time it takes to publish is limited by the time it takes to walk the entire store and do my shopping (90-120 minutes) (I was in the store for a full 2 hours this week), load/unloading my car (15 minutes), driving home from Costco (15-30 minutes), editing and uploading the photos and writing / editing the post (60-90 minutes).

      Meat items like steak are re-stocked throughout the day and overnight. If the Top Sirloin Centre Steak is something you are set on purchasing, the sale lasts until September 8, 2020. If you show up first thing in the morning, you will have ample opportunity and selection to pick up the steaks at the sale price.

  19. FYI … Picked a couple of mens big and tall shirts yesterday at Wpg Costco, there was also the b&t jeans and Fila sweatshirts!

  20. Oh Jeez… this looks so straight forward. I just joined a couple days ago, signed in, clicked on this weeks secret specials but there aren’t any pictures at the bottom of the page. Please help the hopeless! Hahaha


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