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First Ever Costco 2018 Winter Clothing Post – Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Undergarments and Shoes!

A quick update from Tynan:

Many thanks to my brother for continuing to help out while I recover.

I decided I would step up and do a Winter Clothing post.  My brother told me that there was lots of positive feedback from the last one.  Here is the First Ever Costco Winter Clothing Post!  I will be including the Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Children’s Clothing, Undergarments and Shoes!  It did take a while, but I think I got everything that was in my store 125 items!

Just like the seasonal aisle post, I can take pictures whenever there is a change in the seasons.  Let me know if this is something that you would like in the future.  I would love to hear your feedback to see if this is useful. has officially added an Instagram page:

Instagram:  For those of you on Instagram:  @Costco_West_Fan Blog

The Instagram Page can be found here:

Here is a link to the latest food review about the Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Anybody see the kids paradox base layer set in Edmonton area? If so, which location? Haven’t seen them in Edmonton South. That in advance!

  2. Re the Ugg boots – watch the tread – the pair that I bought had no tread on them. They are VERY comfy, but with no tread, very slippery on the ice! Thanks for doing this – a lot of work and much appreciated!

  3. Does anyone know when the kirkland womens merino cardigans will be back? I bought some last year but my hubby put them in the wash cycle on hot and now they’re teeny tiny. I’m literally on the edge of my seat waiting for them to come back… might buy extra this time just in case!!!

  4. Every year and watch for when Costco get there Meriano Wool Long Shelve shirts. They are amazing, a very thin layer that keep you warm in winter. I’ve been asking at the Richmond, BC store weekly, but they aren’t in yet.

  5. What I would find helpful is to take a pic of the tag of how the top or bottom looks like. I realize not all have this option though. Thanks for your great accomplishment! Wasn’t easy I imagine

  6. Thanks so much for this post! All of the Costco posts are so helpful!
    It is great to see items on sale before traveling the hour into the city.

  7. Thank you so much for this information. I usually don’t make it up and down all the clothing aisles. This was refreshing to see what I could be missing.

  8. Hi, thank you for this, it’s a great to see some of the new seasonal items. I’m in Calgary and I do find there often times you have specials on food items that we don’t have here, but I’m hoping we will have all these clothes. There’s some good ideas for my teens to put away for Christmas!
    Thanks again for the time you take to do all of this, it is a big help!!!

  9. Oh wow thank you! Reporting on clothing makes this blog 100x more useful for me. (If that’s even possible!)

    PS: The flannel shirt for women and the Bass jacket for men are killer. Go buy some!

  10. They had a beautiful wool coat display last week and I went back this week and it was gone. 🙁 It didn’t seem like it was there for very long.

  11. Funny timing because I was just wondering if you were going to do another post like this! Thank you for all the work that you do on this blog. I clicked on some ads for you.

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