BLACK FRIDAY & USA Northwest Costco Sales Oct 31 – Nov 26, 2018 (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington)

Hi Everyone,

A quick update from Tynan:

Many thanks to my brother for continuing to help out while I recover.

Here are the deals for the USA Costco.  I was able to make it down this week.  I am also including the leaked Black Friday Flyer for USA Costco.  Let me know if you find this useful and I’ll try to get down there more often!

This another really long post, but there were just so many good deals there, that I just couldn’t not take pictures of all of them!  If you are looking for Christmas Lights, or base layers or gloves, Costco has it all.

My trip to pick up some cranberry almond bread ended up being over $250.  Maybe it is a good idea if I don’t go down there too often!  Gas was $3.09 per gallon there which seems pretty good.  Do people forget that gas pumps have extra long cords so you can fill up on any side?  Seems strange that people wait for pumps, and I sneak right it because I’m willing to pull the pump over to the other side of my car!

that is all for now!

Happy Shopping!

What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

Seasonal Aisle Costco Post

Written by Costco West


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  1. Thanks for these posts they are so helpful. Just to let you know the measuring cups shown in the pictures on sale for $9.99 were not on sale but rang up at $12.99 at checkout.

  2. Thank you for your hard work and this US post…. Yes, I do enjoy window shopping…. or in this case “Windows” shopping 🙂

  3. I enjoy seeing the posts from the US Costco, even though I’m not close to one. Did you have to pay duty on any of the items you bought? Also, just FYI, I don’t use the gas pump on the wrong side as I do not want to risk scratching the paint on my car.

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