Costco West Sale Items for Feb 25, 2019 – Mar 03, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

My brother Tynan is travelling with his wife and two kids on an adventure through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  I will be covering the weekly posts while he is away.

It looks like my prediction for Huggies going on sale this week was correct after all (a whopping $9 off a case)!  Time to stock up moms and dads (or expecting parents)!

We get a lot of questions about Kirkland diapers and haven’t seen them go on sale yet in the last 3 years.  Also, Huggies only go on sale a few times a year so now is the time to stock up.  If previous years are also a predictor, then Huggies Pull-ups, Kirkland Formula and Kirkland Wipes should go on sale next week.  

This week has a few great items: Cliff Bars Variety Pack, Zico Coconut Water, Natures Bakery Fig Bars, Dempsters White Sandwich and Brown Bread, Reser’s Beef Burrittos, and Scotties Facial Tissue.

Deal of the week:  Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ($4.00 off).

Here is a link to the latest weekly food review about the Skotidokias SKYR Iceland Type Strained Non Fat Yogurt

Skotidokias SKYR Iceland Type Strained Non Fat Yogurt from Costco

Skotidokias SKYR Iceland Type Strained Non Fat Yogurt from Costco

Happy Shopping!


What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?
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