Costco Business Centre Photos & Prices – Part 2: All Non-Food Items

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!  This is Part 2 of my Costco Business Centre Tour.  I have taken photos of all the food items in the Costco Business Centre in Edmonton in Part 1 of this post here.  If you are wondering about all the non-food items take a look at this post here!  You won’t find any clothes, toys or seasonal items in this store, but if you are a beginner to professional chef, I bet you will find something here that will interest you!

Also, this location had an unlimited supply of latex and nitrile gloves!  There weren’t any shortages over here.

Just like Part 1, since there are so many photos, I made them a little smaller than usual, but you can click on a photo and it will load up a higher quality version so you can zoom in!

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  1. Does anyone know if the Titan Aluminum Foil-Heavy Duty (1272171) has a better cutting edge than the Alcan Plus Aluminum Foil-Heavy Duty (50125)?

    I find that the Alcan after you’ve used both cutting edges about 3 times each becomes dull and useless. Probably because it’s cardboard trying to cut Aluminum.

    • It only opened in Edmonton within the past year or so. They have a big one in Ontario somewhere.
      I am fascinated! I would love to get a few Cambro containers for storage and/or sous vide cooking.

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