Costco West Sale Items for Nov 19 – Nov 25, 2018 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

A quick update from Tynan:

Many thanks to my brother for continuing to help out while I recover.

There is no online flyer this week (Black Friday is coming up on Nov 23rd).  Check on Nov 23rd for the secret in store Black Friday deals.

The deal of the week this week is Duracell AA batteries ($3.00 off).  After eights, icy squares (my favourite), chicken chimichangas again, Sunrype organic juice variety pack, and Coke and Pepsi brand products are on sale this week.

I have been waiting weeks for the smaller dog bed to be restocked.  Which is your favourite picture of my puppy Boots and his new Kirkland dog bed (A, B, C or D)?

Get some early Christmas shopping done!  Click here to see the seasonal Christmas items for sale.  Almost 3 full aisles!

Here is a link to the latest food review about the Costco Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli

P&G is promoting $25 off $100 of spending on Costco P&G products: click here for details

Do you need to renew your membership?  Take advantage of the “Gift of Membership” offer to receive a free $25 or $50 Gift Voucher when you renew!  Click the photo below for more details

Happy Shopping!


What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

Seasonal Aisle Costco Post

Costco USA Sales - Alask, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington has officially added an Instagram page:

Instagram:  For those of you on Instagram:  @Costco_West_Fan Blog

The Instagram Page can be found here:

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  1. D for Boots for me as well, adorable. i’m waiting on the flat rectangle dog pillow to come back.

    Thanks so much for your post.

  2. Oooh so cute. Are you sure Boots is not included… I like D the best.

    Thanks again for doing all that. You have a great brother and I hope you are recovering nicely. Clicking ads now!

  3. More seasonal candy deals found at the newly opened 157,000 square feet COSTCO in Regina.
    Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Rolled Wafers, 1.1 kg, 8.99 – 2.00 instant savings = $6.99.

    Always a great treat at the office, and someone always wants the empty container.

  4. My husband usually does the shoppers at Costco and every time he goes, I check what is on sale. At least I can see what is going on in Costco from your posts ) and, of course, save!

  5. Cute cute cute Boots! Love all the pics but D is my fav too!!! Thanks again to you and your bro for the postings. Happy Shopping…

  6. Does anyone know if they have those membership renewal vouchers in the Richmond store? I looked at the membership display last week and couldn’t see any vouchers.

  7. Thanks for the info on the Costco Gift Membership. I was able to purchase one and renew my membership for the $50 online credit. I also upgraded to an executive membership that included an extra bonus of coupons for free products!

  8. What an adorable face, I thought Boots wasn’t real, I love “A” and I want one!
    Thanks again for everyone’s hard work getting these blogs to us every week.

  9. My answer is E all of the above. Looks like great things on sale this week. A caution to people the wontons that are on sale are very strong with cilantro. I wish the Ling Lings would come back.

  10. Thanks for taking the time to post every week! Very much appreciated! Love Boots and vote for D. If puppy was included, those pet beds would fly off the shelves

  11. Thanks for your post. Do you know why Costco’s weekly specials emails have recently become is so inconsistent?

    While your posts are far more informative and complete, it is still helpful to know what Costco has focused on this week.


  12. This is such an amazing thing that you are doing. It really helps me prepare for my weekly shop! So much thanks to you and everyone that helps you! I also agree, D is my favourite picture 🙂

  13. Thank you your posts. We don’t live in the city so it is always nice to know what is on sale ahead of arriving there. Take care!

  14. Love all the pics of Boots, but D is my favourite. Such a cutie. I lol’d at the pic advertising the price of the dog bed (“puppy not included”)

  15. I like D! Amazing work every week. Thank you for your dedication. I clicked on a few ads for you (like I do every week and everyone else should do as well)

  16. Boots is Adorable in all photos but his relaxed pose in Photo D shows how much he likes his new bed and loves living with you!

  17. Hopefully everything is ok. I’ve been noticing you’ve been posting later and later now. It was a joy seeing your post before 9 pm Pacific time.

    For those who might be wondering, those frozen fries aren’t the same ones that are served in Costco’s food court.

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Costco Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli Review