$25 or $50 off – Costco Membership Offer (New or Renewals)

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Hi Everyone,

I couldn’t believe this offer when I saw this in store and I had to share it with you!  I don’t think I have ever seen a deal on Costco Memberships since I have started this blog, but Costco has decided to do one this year!

From October 29, 2018 to December 23, 2018, you will receive

  1. A $25 voucher with the purchase of a Gold Star Gift of Membership purchase
  2. A $50 voucher with the purchase of an Executive Gift of Membership purchase

Even though they are selling the product as a “Gift of Membership,” you can use the voucher to renew your own membership!  You can literally walk in and buy this voucher, pick up a $25 or $50 voucher and then walk over to the membership desk and renew your membership!

If you don’t know when your membership expires, the month and year you started your Costco Membership is located on the back of your Costco Membership Card or your Capital One Costco branded MasterCard.

Also, if you have been tired of always bringing your friend or family membership to Costco (or buying things for them), this is a perfect time to cut the chain and buy them their own membership.  It would be a great Christmas gift and you would even get something back!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. You need to have an active membership to buy anything on the sales floor. Gift of membership is an item located onside the store…not at the membership desk.

  2. I had no problem at Costco in Winnipeg using the voucher card to extend my membership from feb 2019 to 2920..
    Question..I used my on line card. What happens if I need to return my items? Will I get a gift card or another on line voucher?

  3. Reposting here too: for the record and close loop, this is not stated anywhere in store! it is on the actual card that you get once you buy the voucher and they get it from lock up!
    I was able to renew with this (Winnipeg SW), no problems at all!

  4. This is incredibly YMMV (your mileage may vary) and ridiculously inconsistent of how Costco is managing this. Worst of all, there’s no way of verifying of any posters comments.

  5. Hi,
    There is a lot of confusion about it in the Richmond, BC Costco as well.
    They said that they ran out of the gift cards. So I can’t buy anything to enjoy this promo. And they have no idea when will it be back if ever.
    Can I buy it online? I’ve only found a new executive card, for which I have to pay $120.
    In short, what should I do in order to enjoy from this discount?

  6. I have a question about returning an item purchased on line with my $50 credit voucher. Will I receive another voucher, gift card or just credit on my credit card? Also, do I need to spend the full $50 in a single transaction ?

  7. Hi. I agree that there has been a lot of confusion. Here is my experience:

    I wrote directly to to ask if gift memberships could be used for renewing existing memberships. The email response was no, it was only to be used for new memberships. However, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so we stopped at the Saskatoon North Costco membership desk tonight and dealt with a young man there named Chris. I asked if a gift membership could be used for renewing existing memberships. He said, absolutely, in fact, you can even use it for your own membership. I asked if the gift membership ever expires as online, it says I can’t renew until June 30, 2019. He said it didn’t, but went on to say that he could extend my Executive membership by an additional year right away, but since the expiry date would be more than 18 months in the future, a supervisor had to approve it.

    I bought the Executive gift membership with my Capital One Mastercard. Chris then walked the gift membership over to the refund desk, and exchanged it for $126 cash. He walked the cash back to the membership desk, and used it to extend my membership expiry date by a year. I am now the proud recipient of a $50 credit voucher to used on! Note that the credit voucher must be used before January 31, 2019.

    • Hi Mary, how could they determine that you weren’t just purchasing the gift of membership for a friend or family member? I got my voucher as soon as I paid for the gift of membership.

  8. You can renew your membership online, I wonder if you can use the gift of membership towards that, or I guess you could save it for the following year and use the $50 towards renewal online if it is up for renewal before Jan 2019.

  9. Where does it say it can be used for an existing membership?
    I looked at the cardboard that you bring to the cashier, and it does not say this.
    I didn’t end up doing this as no where did it say it can be used for an existing membership.

    • I correct that it appears that it’s on the actual voucher that you get after you purchase it? Darn… Guess I’ll have to go back..

      • for the record and close loop, this is not stated anywhere in store! it is on the actual card that you get once you buy the voucher!
        I was able to renew with this, no problems at all! thank you!

  10. Just want confirmation…
    My membership expires in February. Can I buy an executive membership to use in February? But in the meantime use the $50 on line gift Card?
    P.s. I love checking out all the deals and discussions on this site. THANK YOU ALL

    • Yes, you can purchase the gift of membership for future renewals. I was there last night (south Edmonton) and a manager confirmed that I could purchase multiple memberships for future use provided I don’t lose the cards.

  11. There was a lot of confusion at our local Costco over this. First, the cards are located in the store which one rep told us isn’t normal, they used to be up at the membership desk. Then, they charged us our renewal at checkout which they promptly refunded and we had paid $120 + taxes for the “gift of membership” and we got 2% back on it because of our MasterCard points (we don’t have the Costco MasterCard). We picked up the card and now I was a bit confused as to what I was supposed to do so I asked and the first person said it couldn’t be used for renewals. I corrected her by showing the back of the “gift of membership” card. She was like “oh”. So we took it over to the membership desk and they seemed confused about how to use it for a renewal. There was some discussion about it and they decided they were to give us the value of the “gift of membership” in cash, but had to do it at a returns computer. Now I’m really confused holding $120 in cash and we get taken back to the membership desk. They charge us the $120 + taxes again and ask how we’d like to pay (assuming we’ll hand them back the cash). Well I’m not going to give them back the cash, I’m going to use my credit card and get ANOTHER 2% back. Just a big ball of confusion, but it eventually worked out, but it took about 45 minutes or so to sort it all out and then we did our shop.

    • You buy the “gift of membership” which is essentially you renewing your membership, and then you get a $25 or $50 voucher to use online. So technically you are getting that money back (assuming you use the card before the end of January, otherwise you lose it).

  12. Anyone know how this works if your membership auto renews on your capital one costco card. Do you just apply it before the renewal and it just takes it off the renewal charge on the credit card account?

  13. OK UPDATE: I went back to Costco and got my $25.00 card! So for renewals, you buy a voucher for gift of membership (either gold or executive) directly at the cashier which you then have to process at the renewal desk (can be done any time). If your automatic renewal pops up while you are in line already, a supervisor can override it. Thanks for posting the actual voucher because that is the only place where it mentions anything about renewals! Hope that helps some of you out!!

  14. I was just at Costco and asked about this as my renewal was due, but they said it is for new memberships only. Guess I might have to go back and investigate!

  15. I think my membership actually expires in Nov. Is it possible to buy the gift of membership without membership in case they automatically charge it on when I make a purchase?

    • You need to have an active membership to buy anything on the sales floor. Gift of membership is an item located onside the store…not at the membership desk.

  16. I just called costco about the special that they offering with the $25 or $50 voucher for online purchases
    Well they told me it is for new memberships only They also said that if one cancels ones current membership then you lose all your rebates that you have accrued for the past year. They also said you cannot use it for paying for your membership renewal and it is only good for online purchases…not sure what to think but I bet Costco is going to have a problem with this special deal

  17. Most of my membership renewal cost is covered by that 2% “cheque”, so if the voucher costs a full price membership, how can I use my “cheque”? Do they take it at the checkout and use it towards groceries? Thanks for the clarification.

  18. If you renew your membership early your new membership year starts from when you buy it so the year doesn’t add on to what months you still have remaining. Ran into this problem recently even though it was only a month early.

    • No. Incorrect. When you renew up to 2 months early, you get 12 months of membership added on to your current membership. You don’t lose any time. You get a full year for your $.

  19. Thank you for posting this! Can you clarify… I am understanding this as you can get the membership voucher in store and use the $50.00 voucher toward the membership price?!?

    • You won’t be able to use the voucher towards the membership. You can use it to buy anything on There is a little more small print, but I included a picture of the back of the $50 card.

    • I don’t know how early you can renew your membership, but the “gift of membership” does not have an expiry date. You can just keep it in a safe place until you need it.

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