Costco P&G Promotion Planner: Spend $100 get $25 Costco Cash Card

A quick update from Tynan:

Many thanks to my brother for continuing to help out while I recover.

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have already been to Costco, you may have seen this promotion in store where you spend $100 on select P&G products and you will receive a $25 Costco Cash Card.  When you look at the brands that P&G owns, I found that I use many of these products every day.  It is interesting how big this brand is!!

This is about as close to coupon stacking that you can get.  If you plan it right, you could buy all your items on sale, then get a $25 Costco Canada Cash Card on top!  To make things easier to figure out how to spend $100 without going too far over, I have taken pictures of all the products along with the prices, so you can plan how you will get to $100! Let me know in the comments what your plan is?  I might just try to find room for 5 rolls of Bounty!  Don’t forget that you can do this two times per membership so if you can spend $200 you can get two $25 gift cards!!!

If you look at last year’s sales:

Charmin & Gillette Fusion Cartridges were on sale on November from November 6-12.

Mr. Clean Erasers, Febreeze Air Effects & Metamucil were on sale between November 13-19

Gillette Mach 3 Razors, Mr. Clean Erasers, Febreeze Air Effects & Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner November 20-26

I’m not guaranteeing that these products will go on sale again, but it is the best guess I have!

The promotion is incredibly easy to enter.

  1. BUY $100 of select P&G products* (after discounts and before taxes) at Costco (in warehouse and/or online) between October 29 and November 25, 2018. Purchases may be made over multiple transactions during the offer period.
  2. SEND a copy of your receipt(s) along with this completed form to the address provided below or by visiting All redemptions must be submitted online or postmarked by December 25, 2018. Please note, by submitting an English form you will receive an English cash card.
  3. EARN a $25 Costco Cash Card. Participants will receive their $25 Costco Cash Card by mail within 2-4 weeks. Limit two (2) per member. Promotion valid for Canadian residents & Canada purchases only. Costco Cash Cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Procter & Gamble, Inc. For more information visit (search GETPGOFFER) or call 1-888-507-8876.

* Participating brands: Align, Always, Bounce, Bounty, Cascade, Charmin, Clearblue, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Febreze, Gain, Gillette, Glide, Head & Shoulders, Ivory Snow, Metamucil, Mr. Clean, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pantene, Secret, Swiffer, Tampax, Tide, Venus, Vicks

Excludes: Oral-B PRO2000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Clearblue Fertility Monitor, SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence

Official information can be found at the following link:

For those of you who are happy mailing everything in.  Here is a copy of the snail mail claim form.

Happy Shopping!



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  1. This is an awesome blog! A heartfelt thank you to you and you brother for your hard work to bring this to us. It is very helpful to know all the sales and specials promos offered at Costco. I hope you will get well soon!

  2. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your extremely helpful blog! It is great how you highlight all the sale item so we don’t have to go up and down each aisle looking for discounts like most shoppers I see. I live in Alberta and have found all but a few items you highlight to be similarly discounted. Since I accidentally stumbled upon your blog this summer, I make it a point to stop by before shopping. Just last week, I wouldn’t even have known about the $5 off beef stew except for seeing it on your blog. When I got to the store, there was no sign there but since I had already planned to make stew I bought it anyways, While checking my receipt on the way out, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the $5 got taken off!

    So, thank you so much for the incredible amount of time and effort in continuing to do this for all of us!

  3. Just took a quick look and I’m thinking the following are possibilities for me this month:

    Swiffer Dusters, Cascade Dishwasher Pods, Tide Pods (for sure, in both regular and free & clear), Downy, Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner, Crest Complete and then a couple of the Always products. It’s way over $100 for these so I might just stick to what’s on sale this week 🙂

  4. This is an amazing deal! You guys are so wondering for doing all the hard works for us, Costco is seriously better because of your website!

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