Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Oct 21-27, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Port Coquitlam Costco

Hi Everyone!

Well we made it through another rainy weekend.  This weekend blessed our family with our second round of coughs and sneezes.  I’m glad I went through and stocked up on medicine and vitamins!  We were still able to host our (one week late) Thanksgiving Dinner which was great, but I did have trouble finding a Fresh Turkey.  I’m glad I went searching on Saturday Morning, because I was emergency defrosting the two small utility turkeys in my cooler overnight.  The turkeys turned out great, but both sat a little lopsided in the pan since they were both missing a wing.  Anyways, it is always fun to have the family over for dinner, especially now, since the little ones are getting much more interactive!

So on top of the coughs and sneezes, I cut my finger twice while cutting up a butternut squash with a dull knife and then forgot my wallet today when I went to vote (was able to vote with my Nexus Card, which I leave in my car, and a picture of my BC Hydro bill on my phone though).  I then proceeded to forget my wallet again when I went to Costco, but I was able to get a Costco Membership daypass with my Nexus Card and a picture of my BC Hydro bill as my ID… as I write this I remember that I could have used my digital Costco Membership on my Costco App on my phone.

Oops, anyways that means that I took my pictures today, but I didn’t get any shopping done.  I’ll have to go back for milk, oranges, and some other items.  It is getting cold and dry out, so I took pictures of some of the body lotions they have in store.

As for the sales this week, App Store and Apple iTunes cards, 3M Furnace Filtersn, Dyson V8, Duracell 9V Batteries, Kiddie CO2 Alarms, Aussie Bites, Kirkland Signature Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Grimm’s Yours Naturally Turkey Pepperoni, Pinty’s Fully Cooked Chicken Breasts, Asian Pears, Bounty Paper Towels, San Pellegrino, Perrier, Trident Ultimate Fish Sticks, Sunshine Harvest Organic Frozen Corn, Bailey’s Coffee Creamer, and Manuka Honey area all on sale this week.

Just a reminder that the Nestle Favorites mini chocolates are $19.99 – $8.40 = $11.59 which is as cheap as you are going to get it.  This deal expires 2019-10-23.  Also full size chocolate bars are on sale if you want to be the house that gives away full size chocolate bars!

That is all I have for now.  I sure hope the rest of the week goes better than before!

Happy Shopping!  See you Thursday!

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Costco Flyer for Oct 21-27, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Flyer for Oct 21-27, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB
Costco Flyer for Oct 21-27, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Sale Items for Oct 21-27, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Written by Costco West


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  1. The 120 count Nestle chocolate bars are only $4 off here in Edmonton unfortunately. I went in hoping to get them for $11.59. This is the first time I’ve noticed a sale you posted that isn’t the same here in Alberta.

  2. Hi – thank you again for your amazing post! I’m grateful for all the time you put into this every week! I’m wondering which store you were at this week – I’m looking for the scuba full face mask and have yet to locate it… maybe it’s hidden in the store? Any reviews on it from others?

  3. Actually, Cerave has always been sold at Costco but it is behind the pharmacy counter. It is usually $18.99 for the big tub only so it’s a great deal with the smaller sized one too!

  4. Just ignore those rude comment, some people just don’t know how to appreciate.
    Don’t get upset as lots of people like me appreciate your hard work.

  5. Yes Tracey Martens! Negativity is not welcome here. I appreciate the service that is provided and use it to plan my trips to Costco. Thanks for your hard work

  6. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with unkindness this week. There is no excuse for it when you are providing a service people have signed up for freely of their own will. I hope you will focus on the LARGE MAJORITY of us who appreciate all you do for us all week long in helping us see what’s available every week at our Costcos near us. You deserve a pampering.

  7. Okay I just shopped at the PoCo store tonight and they are now SOLD OUT of the Nestle 120 count for 11.59. They said they might get some in tomorrow. Also, you have a picture of the Kirkland 200 count mixed up with a pic of the Skittles/Starburst 150 count. The Kirkland is still a good deal at 19.99 for 200 and the Skittles/Starburst is now 11.59 to make up for the sold out Nestles. Thanks again!!

  8. Really appreciate that you do this for us twice (or more) every week; your pics of the items & prices are great quality. I plan my Costco trips based on your emails. 🙂 I noticed that the prices on the CO alarm and the 2 pack smoke/CO alarms are switched. Thanks!

  9. Thanks again for the upload and effort you and your family does for us! I feel like you doubled the pictures though?

    Either way thanks again!

  10. Very helpful post!! Thank you very much!
    Anyone know what happened to the Campbell’s organic mushroom soup?? I have not been able to find it in a Vancouver Island Costco for quite some time?????

  11. Thank you for the hours you put in to make it easier for us to shop Costco saving us time and money. I don’t mind if your site needs to add more ads since you offer your hard work for free. Seriously anyone who’s read a magazine in the last 15 years knows you have to wade thru the ads before you ever get to the content. Don’t take the criticism personally. It only takes me a few mins to click on ads out of the hour(s) you’ve saved me in advance of my trip to Costco.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to focus on sale items then the in depth view of a different section of the store each week. I appreciate the view of the regular prised items so I know they are available.

  13. Thank you so much for all your excellent photos and hard work! I love that you are going to different locations too! You have totally elevated my Costco shopping experience!

  14. Thanks for all your efforts. Two things:
    a) it appears that the last half of the content is posted twice, making for a longer post
    b) you have the multi-grain cracker price with the shitake mushrooms picture

  15. Thank you so much for all your hard work! As much as I love Costco, your site has helped me cut down my in-store shopping time by a ton, which I so greatly appreciate.

  16. Hi Barbara, you just have to bring in your receipt (note: they don’t price adjust on fresh foods like the steaks etc). No need to bring it the item.

  17. Thanks so much, as always, for all of your hard work!! I very much appreciate your blog and tell all my friends about it!

  18. Thanks for all your hard work, I clicked on a few ads for you. Does anyone remember what to do for a price adjustment? (Ie. do you have to bring the item in) I noticed the Nestle 120 Favourites Halloween candy is even cheaper now… $11.54 on sale this week, down from $13.89 on sale (plus tax) a few weeks ago. Thank you.

    • No, you just need your receipt but make sure to get your price adjustment done while the item is still on sale and in stock. Otherwise, Costco may not do the adjustment.

  19. A grateful thank you for all your work! Since finding your blog, I never go to Costco without checking it first. I make a list of sale items and have saved a lot of money buying things I would normally buy at Costco even if they weren’t on sale (ie youghart, stock up on Starbucks coffee). I’ve been waiting for Centrum multivitamins to go on sale…my last purchase (on sale) is soon to run out. So glad to see they are on sale until Oct 27 this month. I didn’t see the pic in your blog, but saw it on the Costco flyer you posted at the top. Thank you!!!

    Just wondering if you have seen the Ecos liquid dish soap ($17.99; 3.79L + 739ml; #1149188) on sale? I’ve been waiting for a sale but have not seen it yet.


  20. Disappointed.. used to love and use your site for shopping Costco special items. It now seems you have become an agent for drug companies and cosmetic conglomerates advertising their regular priced products to the point your site is bordering junk mail.

      • I’m very excited to see that Costco now sells Cerave, even if it isn’t on a special deal. The larger size jar with the small extra is still a better value than most. Thanks for your time and efforts.

        • I second that!! I just got back from my doctor and she recommended Cerave – I had to hunt up the note in my purse and yes – how nice to learn it is at Costco – you have saved us many steps – immediately sent a message to hubby who will be shopping there – Thanks for highlighting that!

        • I didn’t see large chocolate bars pictured above, I Swear I read they are on sale somewhere in your post. Did that sale end the same time as the little bars ??

        • Nope Laura, you’re the rude one here, and you’ve been appropriately ratioed by the rest of the comments. And trying to blame it on election results? That’s just sad. I hope you get the help you need to be a happier more productive person.

    • The ads are based off of cookies on your computer and your own search history, not based on the associations of the site. I have no ads for drug companies when I visit this site, instead I see ads for tech companies and the occasional cosmetic or clothing post. Please educate yourself before insulting the lovely individual who takes their time to create this content.

    • Bordering on junk mail? You are ungrateful and have no appreciation for the work put into this each week. You really need to ask yourself why you are so entitled and think that you are owed something.

      Honestly just a terrible terrible comment and I hope you leave and never come back to this site!

      • The reddit trolls such as yourselves have now infiltrated CocoWest. Where is the moderation? These hateful comments are completely disrespectful and should not be approved. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and should not be bullied like what you are doing.

        • lol
          This poster said that the person that puts ALL of this work into this site each week has disappointed them somehow and that the person running this site is now bordering on junk mail? This is so disrespectful to someone who is putting in all of this labor for FREE.
          Also, everyone is not entitled to their opinion on a privately-owned site. I hate to break it to you but that isn’t how it works on private domains and this blind belief that everyone is entitled to say whatever they want to someone is ridiculous.
          Just remember Audrey Barnes is saying the owner of this beloved site is wasting her time, if she doesn’t like it, she can go to Costco herself each week. I am truly shocked by your reaction to this Laura. Some random commenter deserves more respect than the owner of this site? Even Reddit would behave better than this.

    • Maybe it’s your settings – I don’t have any showing. Just a very few ads for stuff I have previously researched online. None for drugs or cosmetics at all

    • Are you kidding me?! I’m sure most like to see what is new into the store. Just keep on scrolling past them then. Be thankful we have someone to take their time to do this for us!

    • This is free for us to use, clicking ads helps out I’m sure, and I do that because this weekly post saves me and my family a ton! Sure there’s things I don’t use, diapers, formula, contacts, some cosmetics. But others do and I’m sure someone else is grateful that item is posted. Maybe they hadn’t seen it in store. This is posted as a favour to us all. Most of us don’t thank them weekly, we go thru, let them know errors maybe, click an ad and decide if we need to stop that week. That you’re upset that things you don’t like are posted is fine but you’re simply being rude. Most of us don’t care about little mistakes or the few things posted that aren’t on sale. Most of us appreciate the hours it takes to go through the entire warehouse and take pix of prices then go home and post it for us. Most of us. Not you, sad.

  21. Thank you for all your hard work!! I always click some ads. For your sniffles have you tried using oil of oregano. We use DoTerra in our house-put in capsules. Take it as soon as we have been in contact with a cold.

  22. Love that you add the nutritional information and the ingredients after the fact. It looks like lots of extra work, but I use it for the “shop from bed” experience. The extra work is appreciated and I always click on some ads when I visit.

  23. Thanks for posting

    Has anyone noticed Costco Canada unlike in the US they don’t carry 0W30 motor oil?

    Pay close attention to the labels. Even granola here has a lot of sugars. Many people are becoming pre type 2 diabetes.

    The Super Sleep we found did the opposite the label claimed.

    • I’ve noticed a huge difference in the nutritional value between Canadian and US products at Costco and everywhere. They have way more sugar and fat in all the products in the US.

    • Yes, I totally agree about the sugary foods… I think there is way too much sugar added in cereals and yoghurt, (among other things) but I’ve found a few cereals with low sugar. Go Lean is a good one and Alpen Original is a good one, too if you’re looking for low sugar cereals.

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