Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Superpost! Fruit, Vegetables, Baking & Nuts

Location: Langley Costco

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is coming around the counter.  Unfortunately, for the first time in two decades, I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Instead I’ll be going to Vancouver Island to attend my little sister’s wedding!!!  At least they will have an easy wedding anniversary to remember 🙂

Anyways, my Thanksgiving dinners have always been made from scratch.  While my favorite thing to do at this time of year is to head to Richmond Country Farms for produce and JD Farms for Specialty Turkey, now with two little kids running around, I just don’t have the time that I used to!  Also, to be honest, I find preparing the Costco vegetables much easier since they are usually twice the size of local produce.  It is way easier to peel 10 lbs of Costco carrots and potatoes vs. tiny local carrots and potatoes (of course, I know local tastes better).  The last couple of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners have been sourced at Costco where I can pick everything up in one go (including the pumpkin pie).

To help people out with their Thanksgiving dinner planning, I took pictures of all the items in the vegetable, fruit, baking and nut aisle!  I hope this helps a little bit with your shopping list or even inspires you to prepare something new this year!

That is all I have for now!

Happy Shopping! See you Monday

P.S. Costco is closed on Thanksgiving Monday.


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  1. Thank you for doing this for us! I look forward to checking out what is offered each week. The odd thing may not be available but the majority of what you post is at the store we go to. It really helps us plan ahead. Love your photographs of the product front as well as the back of the package that show details like ingredients and nutritional values.

  2. I shop in Winnipeg and find IF our store carries the products the prices are the same but unfortunately many of the items you list are not available in Winnipeg (one of the frustrations of Costco – they get you “hooked” on an item and then stop carrying it.) Our 3 Costco stores don’t carry the Natral or Kirkland brand butter. They used to but no longer do carry the organic coconut sugar.

    • Hi, just a quick suggestion: perhaps try using the Costco contact page and asking them to bring those products back. I have heard they sometimes do if there is enough interest. Unfortunately I think a lot of the products also depend on the wholesale price that Costco can find and negotiate. But it’s definitely worth a try! Good luck!

  3. I normally dont comment, but after seeing Judies rude post/comment I feel like I have to.
    I just want to let you know that I appreciate all the work you put into this, and I hope you now how appreciated you are!
    Thank you!

  4. Shop in Langley, BC.
    Last couple weeks noticed no longer carrying Jazz apples. Are they coming back. They are my absolute favourite.

  5. Thank you for your great posts. I am in Saskatoon and find the prices usually the same as your posts. Appreciate your hard work !

  6. Kudos, you have true “shoppers” blood.
    You do us all a great service, many thanks to you.
    I have a 3+ hr. trip to any Costco, so, I love to
    check your website. The extra work to point us
    to Thsnksgiving shopping items is wonderful.
    Unfortunately in some bags of oranges or apples I
    find one that needs discarding, guess that goes for
    blogs too. Lash me with a wet noodle!
    Thanks again, abundantly!

  7. Hey Judie.
    You do realize that this blog and all of the info on it is provided to you for FREE! Instead of *threatening* to not follow (a.k.a. consume the free content provided to make your shopping experience at Costco an easier and more pleasant one) you should thank the blogger.


  8. Thanks, as always for all your hard work! I always check here first before heading down to the store! You save me lots of time!!

  9. Wondering if Costco will price match. Went to my Costco in Calgary after your last blog and the three things you had on your blog was not on sale. If they will not honour your prices, there is no sense following you.

      • Thanks for yet another great post. I’m in Calgary and find that MOST of the photos you share are available at the same price here in Calgary, although even within Calgary, prices differ from store to store at times. I appreciate you doing this for your loyal followers.

      • I shop at Calgary Costco stores and find your pricing to be the same, once in awhile the products or price may defer which isn’t a big deal..typical in the consumer industry. I love and appreciate your group and use it and recommend it often. Thank you!

      • Yes, please do not ever leave us. My friends and I always check your blog and really appreciate all the homework you’ve done for us. We have saved tons of money thanks to your blog!

    • Judie, for many people they come here for entertainment purposes only…window shop without actually shopping. Until recently, the location was not disclosed where the pics were taken.

      And to answer your question, no. Costco doesn’t match anyone’s prices, not even their own. Each location could have different prices and products. This is even more evident in different regions eg. outside of Metro Vancouver.

    • I am in Calgary as well – and I have to say 99.9% of the time the items listed here are the same at the store here. I truly appreciate the time effort that is given to providing us with all the sale items. I don’t know how many times I would have missed a sale item, if I had not checked here first. So the 0.1% of time that something is different from here and our stores is nothing compared to what I get.

    • There are some deals that are store specific and the posts are very clear about that… they shouldn’t be obligated to match prices. This site is more useful than the one or two things I’ve found over the many years following that were different.

    • Misdirected aggression? Judie, this was so rude. Appreciate the time, effort and quality of a service provided to the public, for FREE. Don’t be snippy here because you have an opportunity to have yourself heard. Direct your negative energy where it belongs. So ungrateful.

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