Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for May 4-10, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC Costco Warehouse

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.  Our family has actually been living in Squamish for the past month where we have a little more space for the kids.  We finally put together the Cedar Playhouse we purchased on clearance last year.  It took us three full days to put together – it would have been faster but the ground was not flat and many adjustments had to be made.  It has been over a month since the playgrounds have been closed and it has been really nice to give the kids someplace to burn off their energy.

The post is a little late today because on my way back from Costco there was a really bad accident on the highway and I was stuck for about 2 hours before the highway reopened.  By the time I got home, my son was already awake from his nap and my wife was on a teleconference so the afternoon has been a little challenging!

Today, was the first day of the extended senior shopping days which are now from Mondays to Fridays.  Everyone who was 60 years or older lined up at the entrance and everyone 59 years or younger lined up in a different area on the other side of the warehouse, until the seniors line was almost gone.  This line was let into the store at exactly at 9:00AM.  Surprisingly, Port Coquitlam did not have a large line-up and at 9:00AM when the line opened I would guess that there were only about 100 people in line.

Unlike US Costco Warehouses, face coverings were not required to enter the warehouse and there was plenty of meat products – no yeast, hand sanitizer or lysol wipes.  There were no handout coupons this week, but I ended up taking pictures of 230 of sale items so there was no shortage this week.  If you are an executive member, there are a quite a few good value coupons that I have posted here:  Unlike previous executive coupons, I did not see these coupons in the mail, but each cashier had a copy of the booklet next to their till so they could apply the discounts.


Stay safe and remember to wash your hands with soap and water often!

A quick reminder that if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you should be self-isolating for 14 days.  Each province has their own Health recommendations based on the provinces individual risk assessment and I would recommend that you follow the recommendations for your specific province.  Information can be found at the following websites.

BC COVID-19 Information

Alberta COVID-19 Information

Saskatchewan COVID-19 Information

Manitoba CDC Information

If you are out in public, please practice social distancing which means:

  • Limit activities outside your home
  • Use virtual options to connect with others
  • If you are out in public, try to keep 2 metres between yourself and others.
  • ‎Keep your hands at your side when possible
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cough into your elbow or sleeve
  • Avoid social activities in large gatherings.

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands with soap and water often!

New Costco Shopping Updates: Senior Hours, In-store Shopper Limits, Product Limits & Return Restrictions!


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Costco Flyer for May 4-10, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB


Written by Costco West


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  1. Thank you for your weekly posts! I look forward to them. I’m sure my spending and frequency for visiting Costco has increased substantially but I love saving money!

  2. I went to buy the PA Glow 3 yesterday but it was for $199.99 not $169.99. Do you think maybe Calgary AB stores may have different pricing than BC? I told them they said the price is $199.99 not sure about it and didn’t want to help me at all. I called them online they were rude as well.

  3. Has anyone noticed golf gloves in their local Costco. Previously they have had a 3-pack of Callaway gloves which were really good gloves at a great price. Although our warehouse (Lethbridge) carries a decent amount of golf stuff, no gloves this year.

  4. I hope everyone is following the directions on the label for the Lysol disinfecting wipes.

    The surface must remain wet for at least 10 (ten) minutes for the chemical solution to be effective against flu-like viruses which includes H1N1 and SARS. If you can’t use them properly please don’t buy them. There’s others who really need them especially care-givers.

  5. It seems to be hit and miss with the coupons… some got them in the magazine and some didn’t… my husband looked in the magazine cover to cover – not there. I was actually able to buy some of the lobster claws today (they had some left). They were very good. They are already cooked, so I steamed them, lid on about 3 min. Just to warm. The large part of the claw was already split, so I cut the “arm” lengthwise with scissors prior to heating. Delish! This morning when I walked in, they were handing out cases of Lysol wipes (Burnaby) So I got a case $19.99. Then I went to the Dollar store and saw they were selling Lysol wipes in smaller individual containers there (North Van) they had lots on their shelves. Thanks for all you do, this is a huge help with my shopping!

  6. Costco didn’t inlcude the coupons in the Costco Connection magazine, they said so. Those who say (or post otherwise) otherwise are confused.

  7. The Executive Member coupons WERE printed and sent out – they are inside the Costco Connection magazine. (They are stuck inside with that weird goo.) I got them last week.

    • I’m in Sask and didn’t get any in my magazine. I actually just went through every single page! Hopefully I can still get the discount with just my membership card!

  8. The photos are fine. I appreciate the accelerated loading time, considering the number of photos you post. Thanks!

  9. Thank you very much. I really appreciate all of the time you take to go through the store, take the pics & post same. It takes but a few moments to have a look @ all of the great deals.

  10. Hi! I look forward to your post every week, thank you! Do you remember seeing the Wahl hair trimmer sets in PoCo? After your post last Mon, went to Langley on Wed and they were sold out.

  11. Thank you for your post. I noticed an error in signage for the bath mats. It is the picture right below the placemats. They seemed to have placed the same sign for placemats and bath mats which are two very different things

  12. HI thank For your awesome posts. Just out of curiosity how much was your wooden play set on clearance ? AND on you know the weight limit? I just purchased the adventure Centre for my kids 2 weeks ago for $1,299.

    • The organic stuff, right? Yes we like it, as a good base, or for kids. A pleasing way to punch it up is to add red pepper flakes and some frozen prawns

  13. Thanks. This post helps me decide if a trip is a welcome shopping experience this week or not. I am a senior, so I can only purchase certain food items, that I can eat before they expire, or I do! Jokingly! Love your posts. Huge thanks!

  14. Before buying the Ring products, take a look on the Ring site and see all the complaints of these units not charging properly and the company has not done anything to rectify the situation. They made a firmware update in late January and the problems started right at that time and they refuse to acknowledge this fact.

  15. Thank you for the work you do.
    When did you buy the playset last year? I’m waiting for it to go on sale so I can purchase it for my kids.

  16. Anyone know if the Innova exterior light fixture has a photocell built in? (for automatically turning on when it’s dark, etc) Thanks!

  17. Could you fix your spelling error? The expression is: takes PRECEDENCE not precedent. I keep thinking someone will point it out but no-one does!

  18. Does Costco send out the coupon booklets for executive members? I haven’t received mine for at least a year. Do you still require the actual couppm or has the process changed?

    • They started including them in the Costco connect magazine about a year ago. Now this round no coupon required they have them at the register.

  19. Have you seen their Kirkland studio capris? Not yoga pants … more “ruffled” on the sides and loose fitting? Almost nylon…

    • I’ve been watching for those too…haven’t seen them yet this season. I’m in SK though

  20. Thank you for your time and effort. It is very much appreciated now that we are stuck inside and this way we can make a list and get in and get out.

  21. Thanks for the terrific job you do! Always very much appreciated especially since it helps me plan out my Costco shopping while saving some money. I was told at the Costco in Mb, that for now only in the USA are masks currently required to be worn by shoppers.

    Also informed that coupons will not be mailed out due to CoVid-19. As long as you have an executive membership, just select the sale items and the cashier will enter the sale from the coupons they have at the till.

    Stay safe, stay healthy

  22. Thank you for the wonderful worl you domain, my family looks forward to your warehouse updates every week!

    I’m planning to go tomorrow and am wondering when these will be made available to non members to view? This really helps me plan out my trip into the store .

  23. Thank you, as always! I need new reader glasses, glad they are on sale. I lived in Britannia Beach for 16 years, very familiar with accidents on the Sea to Sky highway and all the waiting behind them. Hopefully nobody was hurt too badly.

    • Tuesday May 5th. 10:30 a.m.
      Not sure what happens but the pictures in the summary are far too blurred to even tell what they are I tried it on two different phones. If They stay at this level I can’t use this. I’ve been promoting your site because it’s so great saves me time and money. But if I have to open every picture to see what it is it’s a waste of time.

  24. Lately when zooming in on the sale tags it has been difficult to see the expiration date as it is quite fuzzy. Not sure if that can be cleared up on your end. Would be nice to know how long an item is on sale for.

    • Hi Amy, last week I decreased the size of the pictures to help ease the load on the servers on Tuesday mornings. The pictures will probably stay this way until the website is redesigned… We’ve already chosen our designer, we so I hope it will be done in a couple of months 🙂

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