My (Huge) Christmas Wish List from Bellingham Costco

Location: Bellingham, Washington Costco

Hi Everyone!

I really wasn’t planning on heading to ANOTHER Costco this week.  It was supposed to be my break, but I had to make some returns to do for some items that I purchased on and I had to return them during business hours.  Since I got there early in the afternoon, I thought I would go by Costco to see if I would be able to pick up some Tramontina Non-Stick Frying pans.  These are by far my favorite frying pans, but the Bellingham Costco has not had these in the last couple of times  I had gone in.

Anyways, there were so many things at the Costco down there that they just don’t carry here in Canada that I thought I would make myself a little Christmas Wish List of things that caught my eye.  I haven’t seen any of these items in a local Costco before so if you see something you want, you will have to make the trip down south.  Be warned though, it might be an expensive trip.

I picked up some of the Kirkland Signature Egg Nog (they let me take across the border without charging me, but you take your chances), some Kirkland Signature Cranberry Walnut Bread,  Kirkland Signature Fruit and Vegetable Pouches, and some Butter, Chicken and Cheese.  Dairy and Poultry are always a great deal over the border.

My wife would kill me if I got a Golden Tee Arcade machine, but it is just so tempting…

There were way too many items there to do the whole store, but, I think this is a fairly good sample of some of the different items that you can get over there 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thanks for this! I always buy their KerryGold butter for my keto diet and organic ginger (when they have it in stock) at Bellingham Costco. I sure wish they would mark organic products with green highlighter in Canadian Costco’s like they do in the US, makes it so much easier and faster to locate organic options!!
    PS Filling up your gas tank there pays for the trip down.

  2. Not always there but the fresh Sesame Wasabi Poke is very good. You’ll find it over where the fresh prepared foods are in Bellingham.

  3. So different, you’d think it was a different country – Ha! 🙂 Cool post, thanks for taking the time, you’re awesome.

  4. I wonder if Americans think the same as we/I do?? “How come they have all those neat things at the Canadian Costcos?” :). Oh. Hawaiian tray buns…. Thanks for a fun post.

    • I only buy US cheese now too. Canadian cheese is too soft and has no flavour.
      Thank you for doing this.
      Merry Christmas to your wonderful family.

  5. Thank you!! I’m always so jealous of how much more variety the Americans have in their stores. This looks like it’s time to take a trip down to Bellingham soon.

  6. It’s beyond me why the American Costco have such a wide variety of items compared to Canadian stores, even with other products the Americans have much better selection.

  7. Wow, I saw the Kerrygold butter and I thought I died and went to heaven thinking it’s finally here in Canada! Then I realized this is in the US!! >:(

  8. Thanks!
    Love those Hawaiian buns, delish
    Stay away from Jetson products, bought my kids a hooverboard in the states last year for Christmas and it had to be shipped in for warranty 2x (never worked at all). Each time I had to ship it from the states.
    The 3rd time they said they’re not covering it even though it was them that stripped all the screws and the cover plates wouldn’t stay on. Tried with a supervisor and manager. They were terrible, no customer service skills at all.
    Thankfully I bought it at Sam’s who has a return policy like Costco.

  9. Jeez, we do NOT get our money’s worth for Canadian Costco Memberships. We don’t have selection like they get in the US.

  10. Thanks ….love seeing American Costco. Could you also take a pic of gas price if you get a chance at US Costco.

    Love seeing the alcohol section as well.

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