Weekend Update – Costco Sale Items for Dec 7-8, 2019 for BC, AB, MB, SK

Location: Langley Costco

Hi Everyone,

So my kids have their Christmas Concert tomorrow, so I decided to head off to Costco today to get the pictures done.  Thanks to Nafisa who let me know that the 2-Ply Cozy Frozen Blanket that my daughter has been bugging me to get for her is on sale for $5.00 off.  It gave me a good reason to pick up another Christmas gift for her.

I also picked up a bath mat since the ones that we have were getting a little used.  The Kirkland Signature Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Combo from the Deli always gets good reviews $2.50 off for the weekend.  I also resisted the Nanaimo Bars that are $2.00 off.  I’m sure they are delicious, but my kids and wife don’t like sweets and I’m trying to save my calories for the Christmas parties.

I hope all of you have some time to start some Holiday functions!

Happy Shopping!  See you Monday!


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  1. Thanks for your time and efforts to keep us updated on the latest sales! I hope you enjoy the Christmas concert, that’s what I miss seeing during the Christmas season , now that all of our little ones have grown. Such special memories are made by being there for the show! …and if you end up with any sweets that your family doesn’t want, I will be happy to receive a second chance care package! LoL Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Thank you! The crisper tray looks interesting. I’ve never seen the More Time Moms calendar on sale. I use that every year, buy it as soon as it’s available.

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