Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Mar 16-22, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Mar 16-22, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Port Coquitlam, BC Costco Warehouse

Hi Everyone,

So much has changed in one week, and it is hard to keep up with the news.  I hope everyone is staying safe and washing their hands.  Our family is ever happier with our decision to postpone our trip to Disneyland.  We are planning to be cooped up with the kids for the next little while.  I’ll be continuing to do these posts as long as Costco is open so you can expect the same posting schedule from me.  If the weather warms up, maybe we will retreat to Vancouver Island to the cabin early this year.

Still there were a few deals to be had this week.  Contigo water bottles almost never go on sale, so make sure you grab a couple for the summer.  Body Glove snorkel sets are on sale.  Large bags of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are on sale as well as Kitty Litter, Beemaid Creamed Honey and Pace Salsa!

Happy Shopping!


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What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

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Costco Flyer for Mar 16-22, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Sale Items for Mar 16-22, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Written by Costco West


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  1. Thanks for providing information to the Costco shopping community. Don’t listen to the comments from people who are judging you for the wrong reasons – reasons which are pretty much the opposite of reality. You provide information, not incentive. You’re providing a good and important service to our community, and most of us are grateful. To those of you reading this blog and commenting that this is irresponsible, shame on you and give your heads a shake. We’re all adults and we’re all in this together. The venue is a vital part of our supply chain, and CocoWest provides us with knowledge to use wisely. Shame the hoarders, fine. They deserve it. But cut this guy some slack for Pete’s sake. He’s doing us all a favour.

  2. You really shouldn’t be asking this kind of advice here. There’s too many variables and we don’t know what you’re trying to “disinfect”. One of the best home disinfectants that can kill the coronavirus is Dettol. There’s also is high concentration commercial chlorine solution and sodium dichloroisocyanurate. The latter is overkill.

    I wouldn’t arrive with your children and the limits in effect are not based on people, but per membership. Two cards such as a primary and spousal card counts as one member.

  3. Stupid question since I never buy disinfectant before but do costco sell it? Which brand should I buy? I feel like I’m late to the cleaning game since I just use water and soap or all purpose cleaner for super dirty things most of the time (if not just water >_<) With two kids, I should start upping my game… Also, do the costco downtown apply if you come with a baby and a toddler in one stroller? Do they count as 3 people?

  4. I wish Costco would implement a no return policy for the hoarders buying toilet paper and sanitizing supplies between this time. Some of us who actually need it are unfortunately going to one store to another trying to find essential items and stay home

  5. The isolation must be making the preachers antsy. Leave it to them to sh*t on an otherwise well intentioned blog. The rest of us appreciate this man’s time and efforts. Now if only we could have a mute button… or a way to ban idiots by IPs…

  6. Thanks for doing this! Last week’s sale items weren’t for sale in my Edmonton costco site which I thought was so strange. Any idea if they would honor the sale price for the BC store to mine?

  7. To all those preaching in this comment section about being staying out of stores and being socially responsible – please STOP! You are the toilet paper hoarders that went out and bought everything and left nothing for the rest of humanity. If you work in health care, we don’t care!! Food is a staple of life and you all standing on your soap boxes won’t do a damn thing to keep us from buying groceries and household items. Enough with the holier than thou attitude.

    Thank you for continuing to post.

    • “ if you work in healthcare, we don’t care“… you better care…and listen to those people who are risking their own health for everybody! You owe MG an apology.

  8. Just an FYI, i couldn’t sleep so i was here at 5AM PST refreshing the page so photos would show. Nothing showed up by 5:30 and i fell asleep. Tried multiple browsers, no ad block. So you should look into it or change the disclaimer.

  9. Hi
    As a healthcare provider I’m sad that you are not following public health recommendations to do social distancing and avoid public gatherings. In fact you’re encouraging people to go shopping which is a terrible idea at this point in time. Only go out for essentials. If that is why you went to Costco, then please mention that clearly so folks like me know that you are doing your best and following publicHealth (ph) suggestions.

    I would encourage you to use your blog posts for 2 weeks to Encourage folks to socially distance. As a community we rely on each other to do the right thing without having to police each others actions. It’sa hard thing to do but it odd so vital that we listen to our PH officials


    • Wow. I have to say you are not giving the people that subscribe to this blog the benefit of the doubt in their intelligence! We all know already to distance ourselves and not to go out unnecessarily. He goes out and risks his health so we don’t have to – many people are being laid off and have to use their dollars wisely. I do not go out unless the product I need to purchase is on sale. I find it difficult to believe you are a health care worker as I normally find those people of both high intelligence and common sense. We have ongoing news reports To tell us to not gather – we truly do not need our blogger to become more “socially responsible” ! Wow talk about insulting.

    • Wow.

      Checking in with this blog today actually convinced me not to go to Costco this week as planned, because I don’t really need any of the things that are on sale this week. I have supplies and food at home, and while I would like to re-stock when the things I need are on sale, I’d also like to avoid unnecessary trips. If I didn’t have this info, I’d be going in once a week to look for my regular purchases.

      “As a healthcare provider” I’m assuming you mean “administrator in a doctor’s office” or something. Every doctor I’ve met has understood people do actually need to buy and eat food.

    • This can go on for quite a long time. I appreciate the posts so we can get in and out fast. Not everyone has enough money nor space to store larger quantities of food.
      MG…I think you should not be so judgemental. It is more to the point to remind people of social distancing , being brief with your list and handwashing. I too worked in the med field. We know those measures are effective if followed. THANK YOU WEST FAN BOG FOR MAKING MY TRIP TO COSTCO AS FAST AND EFFIECIENT AS POSSIBLE in an economy also hurt by the virus.

  10. Kind of ironic that Costco has toilet paper and Kleenex on sale. Think I will skip it this week, nothing I really want badly enough to not social distance. But thanks to your post, I know I am not missing much. Thanks again!

      • Yes, except encouraging folks to go pick up a sale item is probably not the most socially responsible thing to do at this moment. Unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to go out, please stay home and help our communities get through this. Please – for everyone’s sake.

        • Hi Ann, that is one way to look at it. The other way to look at it is that people can spend less time in the store because they can plan out their purchases better. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of stocking up with a couple weeks of food.

          • Exactly this! We plan what we buy around sales. Not everyone can stock up, but we can limit how long we spend in the store and arrive with a planned list to do a two week shop.
            Thanks for updating the blog ❤️

          • I agree with Costco West, I purchase the same amount of items as I always have, but spend far less time actually in the store because I know what is on sale and don’t need to cruise up and down the aisles looking for the yellow highlighted price tags – that is the best I can do for social distancing while ensuring my family eats… I have a limited budget so purchasing sale items is important to me, but also because I live rurally I like to purchase enough to cover me for at least a month, as I don’t know how frequent my trips into the city will be – so don’t judge me if you see me “stocking up” – I make the same purchases now, that I have always made.

          • Excellent response. I have to say I have been disappointed in Costco as they were not originally strict in restricting certain items. This blog definitely encourages those on a budget to only go to Costco if it is worth their time to pick up needed sale items. However the hoarders have been going on a daily basis and lining up. This makes it very difficult for us with mobility issues to purchase something like toilet paper or hand sanitizer on our runs. I have been there twice but was not able to purchase those items as I do not have the ability to stand in a line up. Also I want to say thank you for continuing to provide this service. Being retired, on a budget and restricted by a mobility – this blog is very much appreciated

          • You’re absolutely right but your comment shows your privilege. Many people live paycheque to paycheque and can’t stock up

          • As an employee of Costco, I can explain the reason why we weren’t limiting items is we are a wholesale warehouse you’re supposed to be able to buy in bulk. It wasn’t until the government stepped in and said you have to start limiting certain items. I do agree with you that it was unfair that people were hoarding.

        • You do realize this situation is likely to continue for months…wash your hands, (if soap and water is unavailable, hand sanitize), stay home if sick or exposed to someone who is sick.

          This allows those of us (many who are shopping for others who need supplies and CAN’T GO OUT) to plan our trip better, I thank you and this site for the updates!

          • Note, the contigo bottles no longer have lids that open up inside, therefore it’s harder to fully sanitize them. So, we’re returning ours.

    • Typo above the meat department sanitizer photo. Costo is only letting 40 – 45 people in the store at a time. Not 400 – 450 people in at a time.

      • Hi Jill, When I was there they definitely let more than 50 people in the store – there must have been at least 50 people in the checkout when I was there. The employee said they were letting about 400-450 in the store at a time.

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