Costco Winter Aisle 2019 Superpost! Kirkland Signature Deli, Rotisserie & Meats

Location: Still Creek, Burnaby Costco Warehouse

Hi Everyone!

Since the holidays are still in full force, I thought I would do a post that features all the Kirkland Signature Deli, Rotisserie & Meats.  If you don’t always have a chance to check out these sections, here is a good preview of what you can expect in your warehouse!

Happy Shopping!

BC Holiday Hours (for stores that open at 9:00AM)  If someone takes a picture of the other provinces, I will post it!)

Costco Winter Aisle 2019 Superpost! Last Minute Gifts -Books, DVDs & Gift Certificates


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What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

Seasonal Aisle Costco Post


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  1. I’m thinking maybe Meghan just needs a Snickers! If Costco doesn’t already carry them, then they’d better start bringing them in by the truckloads… and ASAP!!! Then hopefully people like Meghan can be a little less grumpy while perusing (and benefiting from) the fruits of other people’s labour!

  2. I have to agree with what I see as the majority .. please keep up with all the posts ..If there is something you don’t wish to see just scroll on by … that is your option .. you don’t have to look at everything .. Is nice to see what is in the various stores and what we might be able to ask for in our store as I noticed some things that I have never seen in the Kelowna Costco .. appreciate all the effort and hard work that goes into maintaining this site for our benefit!

  3. All the best to everyone in 2020 and thank you for all you do. I hope the little ones are well.
    I think it’s great to see all the posts. Sometimes I don’t go through the whole store so this really helps. Often you will post a new item that is not on sale – and off we go to Costco to get it.
    Cheers everyone!

  4. This post is awesome! It’s nice to know ahead of time what to buy. It really saves us a lot of time, since we can plan ahead with these posts. My family appreciates very much all your post. Thank you and happy holidays to your family!

  5. Thank you for this post (and all the others!). This type of post helps me to get to know the prices and meal plan – much appreciated!

  6. Thank you! I for one appreciate all your posts. It saves me a lot of time & money at Costco & makes it so much easier to find things when I get there. Happy New Year!!

  7. My mother recently went into a home and my father doesn’t cook. I had no idea the variety of the prepared meals that Costco offers until this post. My Dad will start eating better because of it. Thank you for taking the time to take and post the pictures and extra content. It really does make a difference!

  8. I would also like to thank you for all of your posts. If there’s an extra one that I don’t think I’m interested in then I scroll on by, but I usually check them anyway – just to be sure. No need to be upset about it. Please ignore “Meghan” as she doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

  9. Wow, I can’t believe that someone would criticize by calling this a “filler” post. What is “filler” to one person may be of great interest to another. If something doesn’t interest you, well, no one is forcing you to read it. I appreciate ALL the posts. This blog saves me both time and money. Even if some of the items aren’t on sale, it’s an opportunity to learn about new/different merchandise in the warehouse. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, and please don’t let rude & ungrateful people deter you from including these so-called “filler” posts. The rest of us are very appreciative.

  10. So appreciate all the effort you put in to this – thank you ever so much! I too have save $$$$ and I would miss so many of the sale items had it not been for your posts.

  11. You are rude and ungrateful. The owner of this site can post whatever he wants to and I appreciate seeing items that I often don’t have time to check out in store. Run your own blog then.

  12. As Meghan said, there are a lot of filler posts that are not of interest. This one of the deli, rotisserie, and meats is helpful and I am forwarding it to someone who is unable to go there but who does order some items to make her life easier.
    I will save this post for when I need to brainstorm ready prepared items. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for all the work you do, it can’t be easy with a family to care for as well as all awaiting your posts. I love to see what is available.

  14. Thank you! I appreciate the posts as I don’t always have time or the attention span (shopping with kids) to get the deals and your time saves me that time:)

  15. Thank you very much for posting about all the items available at Costco. I am from Sask. and love to look at the unadvertised (and regular priced) items each week. I look forward to Tuesday mornings when I get the first email for the week. One thing I like about this sight is that if I’m busy or not interested in what is posted after that initial one, I have the freedom to skip over the posts but realize that other people may be interested in it. Please keep all posts coming as I’m sure you have a lot of people who appreciate what you do. Happy New Year’s!!

  16. Love ALL your posts – and I believe that THIS is the majority opinion. I save $$ because you take the time, effort and spend the money to do the posts. Many thanks!

  17. Thanks for all the work you put into these posts. I love these posts because I don’t always have time to wander through the whole store to see what is available. I always take the time to click on a few ads for you.

  18. Thanks but no thanks. I am sure I can speak for the majority. We’re not interested in “filler” posts.

    Please continue to post only sale or new items only. Hopefully you’ll oblige next year.

    • I disagree. As one of the majority, I appreciate all the posts. So please don’t speak on behalf of others. I would bet most agree with me.

      • This post is awesome. Thank you for showing us the deli items, especially when I am completely Christmased out and dont want to cook.

      • It appears you are the minority, so I hope he continues to include “filler posts” and not try to accommodate “that one person” . Perhaps you could just not click on the posts that don’t interest you. Or better yet, go to Costco yourself and preview only the items that suit you. Just a thought.

    • Scroll on by if you are not interested and don’t assume you speak for a majority. You are one person who it appears the majority disagree with. There is a lot of time spent on these posts by our host of this page. IMO, you are rude.

    • You would be incorrect speaking for the majority. If you don’t want to see the “filler” post there’s a much more simple solution, don’t open it.

      Speaking for myself, and myself only, thank you for all the Costco posting you do. I appreciate it very much.

    • No one person speaks for us all.

      I appreciate all of the time spent to send us these posts. Whether or not I need anything from Costco I take a quick look. If I don’t want to look at the post I don’t have to look at the post.

      Happy New Year and all the best to in 3920.

    • Meghan: please don’t speak for the ‘majority’. I don’t agree with your post saying that ‘we’ are not interested in ‘filler’ posts. If you want to speak for yourself, then do that. I am interested in all of the posts and I appreciate this blog so much, especially during the holidays.

    • Wow, what a grinch post. Someone takes the time out of their life to make *your* life a little easier, and you dump on them for it? “Comply” is a very strong word. You’re not her boss, and you sound very unappreciative. Move along.

    • Look who rode in on their high horse!!! Too bad you can’t ban people like Meghan from viewing! “Hopefully you will oblige next year” – who the heck do you think you are???

    • I don’t mind these posts. He’s doing all of this for free (unless you’ve chosen to sign up to get his early posts). If you don’t like it then you are free to unsubscribe

    • Rude much?! Speak for yourself.

      All your posts are great as I know how much time it takes to do all this for all of us- thank you!

    • Don’t be so sure that you can speak for the majority… I clicked on this post because I WANTED to see it. And as others have pointed out you, too, have the choice to click on it or simply ignore it. Perhaps you hadn’t meant for your comment to come across as it had (as you had *attempted* to be polite about it), but nonetheless, it *did* come across as rather rude & unappreciative… especially considering the amount of time & effort that’s put into these posts for the benefit of others. Hope you’ll come to appreciate that next year, as well as recognize that, just as the saying goes: “Different strokes for different folks” …or better yet: “To each their own!”

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