Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Feb 17-23, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Still Creek, Burnaby Costco

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  We spent a lot of time in the pool, park and at a birthday party.  It is nice to see the days getting a little longer – it makes evenings a little easier when we can stay outside and play at the park again.  It sure feels like I haven’t seen any of my neighbours in a while.

Furniture items are starting to go on clearance right now.  I’ll keep taking pictures of these items throughout the week.  If you bought one of these items already, if you bring in your receipt (and the product is in stock at that warehouse) you will be able to do a price match and get some money back.  For some big ticket items, this could be hundreds of dollars back in your pocket!

People accessing the blog from the free newsletter should be able to view the pictures this week directly from the newsletter.  Sorry for those of you who had problems!

There were some great sales this week as I discovered with my massive bill during checkout today (and still have to stock up on diapers next week).  In my shopping cart, I bought some, Grapeseed oil, , Still Cut Oats, Demspers Bread, Organic GoGo Squeez, Kirkland Signature Chicken Breasts, Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna, Bolthouse Farms, Organic Carrot Juice, and Organic Triscuits.  I ask picked up some Tulips in a Hurricane Vase and I’m sure my daughter will enjoy watching them bloom.

If you are looking for a Cuisinart Stand Mixer, it is on sale this week.  It is a lot cheaper than the KitchenAid Stand Mixer that they also carry, but I’m sure will work out well for light baking like cookies, cakes and muffins 🙂  I also don’t think I’ve ever seen eggs go on sale, but the 2.5 dozen package of Golden Valley Eggs is on sale this week too.  Whiskas and Pedigree Cat and Dry Dog food is on sale this week too.

If you have been waiting for Huggies Diapers to go on sale, I expect them to go on sale next week (February 24 – March 1, 2020) based on the timing of last year’s sales,  **These are predictions only (check out the link for last year’s sales)**

Costco West Sale Items for Feb 25, 2019 – Mar 03, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

If you have been waiting for Huggies Pull-Ups, Kirkland Baby Wipes and Kirkland Infant Formula to go on sale, I expect them to go on sale the next week (March 2 – March 8, 2020).  **These are predictions only (check out the link for last year’s sales)**

Costco West Sale Items for Mar 04, 2019 – Mar 10, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Happy Shopping!


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What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

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Costco Flyer for Feb 17-23, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Sale Items for Feb 17-23, 2020, for BC, AB, SK, MB

Written by Costco West


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  1. I am really interested in getting the weather station but it doesn’t seem to be at my location. Can anyone else find it where they are? I will wait for it otherwise I’m stuck buying it off .com 🙂

  2. I was at Costco today and I spoke to the managment team at the membership counter. Tuesday was a crazy day for them (day after the holiday). These wipes are out of stock at every Costco which is really sad considering what they told me where they’re being sold for ridiciulously high prices online and exported to Asia.

  3. Hello all!
    I see that dog and cat food are on sale.

    Has anyone ever seen the Kirkland dog food flavours on sale? If yes, approximately when during the year do they go on sale?

    Thanks for any insight you might have.

  4. The images don’t load for me properly on desktop. I can see the comments above, and your introduction, but that’s about it.

    Mobile is slightly better, but it seems some images are missing.

  5. Yes, the Lysol Disinfecting wipes item number 8529633 are out of stock at virtually all locations. You know why? They’re being bought and shipped to Asia. Costco has a sign they are out of stock for isopropyl alcohol, masks, and hand santizers at the pharmacy. The same with most other retailers too. In some countries, they have put a temporary exporting ban on these products so greedy resellers can’t export them.

    FWIW. A few weeks ago though there was not much stock, but still available. Now that it’s on sale, you can’t ask for a price adjustment because the policy is the item must be in stock. Although the Lysol is on sale for two weeks (from Monday) it remains to be seen if Costco can keep up. It will be up to each store’s manager to allow skids to be bought by one person(s).

    • I have seen them go on sale before, but the sale is usually for online orders only. The in-store price usually stays the same. If you order more than 51 photos online (you can even do it through the Costco phone app, it is only $0.09 a photo.

  6. Thanks. Has anyone been to the Langley location and if so did they see any Kirkland medical examination gloves? The Surrey location had none in all the sizes today.

    • WHERE is the Seven Seas Alder Smoked Pink Salmon?????
      In Langley wearhouse I looked all over and asked a Costco worker who didn’t find it either, and in the end, at customer service they told me that doesn’t even exist in the system!!!
      Asked me where I got the picture from cuz that’s not from Costco!!

      • I noticed at the dt Vancouver warehouse they were at the end of the aisle that had canned goods one week and this week moved to a more trafficked area beside the fridge that has fresh pasta and sauce

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